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Facebook Advertisement

  1. Increasing awareness consideration with Facebook Ads.

  2. Making business process more effective with the help of facebook advertisement.

  3. Connecting with people around the world with facebook.

  4. Increase e-commerce traffic and sales with facebook ads.

  5. Increase sales during a special occasion with facebook and instagram ads.

  6. Increasing customers experience with facebook ads. 

  7. Increasing cost efficiency with facebook campaign budget optimization.

  8. Driving your product sales with awareness and conversion campaigns on facebook.

  9. Measuring Your Facebook Advertisement impact on sales.

  10. Increase awareness and app install with Facebook poll ads and in-stream video’s ads.

Google Ads

  1. Google ads are scalable and one of the most measurable online channels.

  2. Google ads are flexible and can be targeted to those audiences whom we want to reach.

  3. Google ads have a reach of over one billion Gmail users globally each month and gives the potential to show your ads to people.

  4. Google ads have feature of Multi-Product Promotion ads which are ideal if one is looking to promote a range, services or new collection.

  5. One of the major benefits of google ads is that it is cost effective. One only pays for the ads, when someone clicks on them.

  6. One can easily track the campaigns and measure the number of clicks, impressions, conversion rates, CTR, CPA, etc. These statistics can be used to optimise the ongoing campaigns and get more conversions.

  7. Using Google ads for Advertising gives one more control over the campaigns. The user can set the budget, cancel or pause campaigns that are not giving results and test the ads, so that they get the maximum clicks.

  8. Ads are created based on keywords, which then appear on the SERPs. You then bid against other marketers, to have your ads showing on the top results of the search engine result pages.

  9. Google Ads allows to set the maximum per day budget for a campaign and is flexible.

  10. If the Google ads are relevant to the search queries and have a good click through rate on the ads, then the ad might appear higher than your competitors.

YouTube Ads

  1. With around 50 million videos watched every day on YouTube across the globe, it makes sense to use this platform for advertisement.

  2. With YouTube advertising one can use precision targeting based on demographics, location, interests, customer match, viewing devices (laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.) and many more.

  3. Most feel connected after watching a commercial as they get to see a brand in action. Video ads allow one to interact with potential customers in an authentic and meaningful way.

  4. The platform makes it easier to track the views, costs and budget details related to the YouTube ads which helps in evaluating and improving performance with real-time insights & analytics

  5. With an incredible user base, getting the ads in front of more people means one’ll get more ad clicks, website traffic, and sales over period of time.

  6. Consumers are more likely to directly respond to YouTube ads using YouTube’s comments section. By welcoming these comments one can gain more insight directly from consumer and further interact with them by responding to their comments.

  7. YouTube supports creating ads in 3 different formats. In-stream, In-Search and In-Display. As per requirement any of these formats can be used.

  8. Once a campaign is launched one’ll get lots of information about the ad and target. These insights will further refine the communication and targeting.

  9. Driving traffic to your business website from interested potential customers.

  10. Leads generation from engaged audience with displayed ads.

Instagram Advertisement

  1. Increasing in store visits with awareness  and conversion instagram ads.   

  2. Dramatically increasing views with instagram in stream video ads.

  3. Shifting Brand perception with instagram ads.

  4. Launching your  products with ads on instagram.

  5. Boosting customer consideration with local awareness, lwad and link ads.

  6. Introducing your product models with instagram ads.

  7. Acquiring  quality customers cost-effectively with instagram ads.

  8. Expanding sales with instagram dynamic ads for broad audience. 

  9. Growing your product sales in new market with instagram ads.

  10. Raising awareness of new brand with instagram Augmented Reality ads.  


Quora Advertisement

  1. Quora Ads get relevant internet traffic.

  2. Billions of the people use internet in every day, but only tiny fraction contribute their knowledge to it.

  3. Millions of questions and answer are added on Quora every week.   

  4. Conversions : – Send users to your website or to a landing page where you would like them to complete an action.

  5. Traffic : – Send users to your website or to a landing page

  6. Awareness: – Get more users to see and engage with an answer on Quora

  7. Show ads based on relevant topic keywords or questions

  8. Show ads to users viewing certain content and not a specific audience

  9. Show ads to audience you’ve already built based on web traffic lookalikes or contact lists

  10. Show ads any where on Quora to users who have specific behaviour

  11. Show ads only to users who have specific interests

  12. Show ads to users who have recently viewed specific keywords or questions .

  13. Show ads widely acreoss Quora to maximmize potential impression.

  14. Chose Your Location.


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ADs Terminology

  1. Cold Audience/ Traffic – people who are not familiar with you/your brand and had never interacted with your business.

  2. Warm Audience / Traffic – people who are familiar with you / your brand and had in some way interacted with your business.

  3. Retargeting – show an ad specifically to someone who had previously interacted with your business.

  4. Offer, Lead magnet Bait etc…. – what you are offering in your ad.

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