Mobile Application Development


Ionic is a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. This makes it easy to build high-performance mobile and Progressive Web Apps that look and feel beautiful on any platform or device.Ionic is built to perform and run fast on the all of the latest mobile devices. Ionic’s components are written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it easy to build modern, high quality UIs that perform great everywhere. Hybrid apps have many benefits over pure native apps, specifically in terms of platform support, speed of development, and access to 3rd party codes.The Ionic framework mainly focuses on front-end user experience or UI interaction, which handles all the look and feel of your app.

Why should the Ionic framework be used?

Ionic is a great choice for creating basic native functionalities within an application which can run on multiple devices and operating system. The main advantage of the Ionic framework is that we can build the app once, rather than multiple times for separate devices and can deploy everywhere. It makes the app development fast and cost-efficient. It also reduces the need for maintenance.

Advantages of Ionic Framework

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy documentation
  • Cross-platform
  • User Interface
  • Built on AngularJS

Ionic technology is still in development. It regularly keeps changing its support and standard, and its libraries can be completely rewritten at any time


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