SEO(Search Engine optimization)


Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing the number of quality visitors to a website by ensuring the high rank in the list of organic results returned by a search engine.

 there two types of Google results.

  • Organic
  • Inorganic
Search Engine Optimization is all about organic results, mean what practices, strategies or tactics, we used to get our website ranked high in the organic search results so that maximum visitors can land on your website.
It has nothing to do with Inorganic results or paid advisements.
Now let us discuss various types of SEO
There are two types of Search Engine Optimization.
1. The first is: On-Page –SEO
2. And the second is OFF-Page SEO
On-Page SEO
According to MOZ,On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to get them ranked higher and earn more and relevant traffic to your website from the organic results of search engines.
As the name suggests, it is ‘On-Page’ that means whatever we will do with our webpage pages so that Google thinks that it is relevant and a quality website for the visitors to visit, will be part of On-Page SEO. 
OFF page SEO
According to MOZ, Off-page SEO refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). It is often called a back-link building process but not restricted to that only.

Being top in the search results matters

most of the traffic to website comes from the first page of SERP. And according to users are most likely to click on one of the top five pages shown in SERP. Therefore, it becomes very important that your site should appear in the top results of SERP to attract traffic to the website. Here, SEO plays a very significant role


SEO is Cost-effective: No doubt, SEO cost to you as you have to hire the experts and buy some tools for SEO purpose. But it is relatively considered cheaper when compared with other internet marketing platforms

Build trust and credibility: We trust search engines, of course, their results too. When our website is ranked high in the search results, it increases the trust of users in our website, because they start considering our website a quality website when it appears most of the times in search results

May help in Social promotion:
There is a general tendency when people find our website on Google results and like it, they tend to share it on social platforms like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other Social media platform. It ultimately increases the visibility of your site to attract more traffic from other platforms

Helps to Beat the Competition:
SEO helps you to be ahead in the Competition. For example, two similar online stores are selling almost the same products. Then, the fully optimized website of the online store has more chances to attract traffic in comparison to its counterpart.

How Does Google Rank Websites?

Websites are ranked top list based upon the competition between your web pages and compititor/other  web pages for a particular keyword. The web pages which follow the best practices outrank every other web page in the competition and rank on top for those keywords.

Search engines like Google follow three basic steps to rank a website. 

  1. Crawling

    Search engines have crawlers/spiders or bots which scans a website copies the entire website’s content, and stores it in the search engine’s context.

  2. Indexing

    Indexing is the method of adding web pages into Google search results, If your website is not in a search engine’s List of index. no one will be able to find your website. its like difficult to find your website in browser

  3. Ranking

    When you type something in Google, the most relevant websites (from the index) will appear in the search results. These results are based on multiple factors like user location, language, experience, etc.


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